Our Work

Our goal is to end world hunger through educating and advocating for the human right
to food. Here are some of the ways in which we do that:

Identification and Documentation

The first step in solving any problem is to identify it and formally document it. FIAN Rajasthan accesses cases based on availability, accessibility, adequacy and sustainability of adequately nutritious food and related resources. FIAN workers interview people threatened or affected by violations of their right to food and obtain factual evidence and compile publications. FIAN uses these reports to pressure states, organisations and individuals by reminding them of their obligation to prevent rights violations.

Political Advocacy

Once a right violation has been formally identified, we can begin to fight it. In cooperation with affected communities, FIAN approaches responsible national authorities to highlight breaches of right to food obligations. These could include local or regional government departments, national government institutions such as a Ministry of Health or Agriculture, or parliament itself. We can send letters, requests for information, launch petitions, organise protests, hold public hearings and lodge complaints with human rights institutions.

International Accountability

As well as advocating at national level, FIAN also registers complaints through international human rights channels such as the UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva. These reports often contract with the official country reports and aim to reveal the truth of the situation, enabling other countries to respond on a global level to local violations.

Media Campaigns

As well as raising awareness amongst government officials and authorities. FIAN aims to bring the attention of right to food violations to the general public, in order to bother educate them on their own rights and the rights of others, and in order to create a large, internationally effective support base. As well as providing the media with up-to-date information and figures, FIAN also partakes in and promotes global campaigns such as 'World Food Day' and the 1 billion hungry project' through social media and petitioning.

Legal Assistance

Victims are often unaware of the processes through which they can make formal complaints and claims, and so FIAN therefore provides them with practical assistance. We also work to improve the capacity of local social organisations to enable them to make claims on their own behalf. This entails running training workshops and providing lawyers, judges and other officials with human rights training. FIAN also supports the establishment of cooperatives amongst victims to enhance their claims in court.

Access to Resources

Access to resources is intrinsically linked to the ability to be able to product or purchase food, and FIAN therefore works to advocate for the right to land and related resources, access to water and access to fair and safe employment FIAN Rajasthan works with various difference partner organisation in order to ensure that environmental need are provided, such as water storage and irrigation constructions.

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